What can be recorded as copyright?

Borsam IP
Borsam IP

1.Written Works

These are works in the form of words, figures and symbols, including novel, essay, poem, thesis, monograph, translation, textbook and etc. Normally, any works with originality, such as aoutline, a comic script, a business standard or a planning text can be applied for copyright registration.

2.Oral Works.

These are impromptu works in oral language, such as public oral reports, speeches, lectures, and court debates, etc.

3.Music, drama, folk art, choreography and acrobatic works

Musical works are works in the form of musical notes, figures or other marks, with a melody to present its content, which can be sung or performed, with or without lyrics (lyrics can be regarded as written works), including songs, dancing music and symphony. 
Drama and folk art are works created by combining a series of movements, monologues, dialogues and lyrics of one person or several persons, for stage performance.
Choreographic works are the works created by combining a series of movements and gestures with aesthetic effects for dancing. These kinds of works are normally combinations of movements, rhythms and facial expressions, which can be fixed in the form of dance notations or in video tapes.

4.Fine art Works

Fine art works are works created in Lines, colors or other medium with aesthetic effects. They can be two-dimensional works, such as paintings or works of calligraphy, or three-dimensional art works, such as sculptures. Normally, trademark graphic logos, fabric patterns, cartoon and comic designs, package designs and so on, can also be applied for copyright registration.

5.Photographic Works

Photographic works are works created by recording the images of objects on the photosensitive materials with the help of apparatus, usually the works which are shot with the camera.

6.Cinema-graphic works and works created by virtue of the analogues method of film production

Cinema-graphic works are works consisting of a series of images (with or without accompanying sound) which are recorded on films, tapes or other medium and are projected with the aid of applicable devices. They are usually films, television series, television programs, and video graphic works, etc..

7.Drawings of engineering designs and product designs, maps sketch maps and model works

Drawings of engineering designs and product designs normally means drawings to guide the actual engineering construction or product manufacturing, and to present the structure, parts or pattern of the construction or product. The drawings of machine components, furniture, and living commodities thereof with originality can also be applied for copyright registration.