Procedure of software copyright registration

Borsam IP
Borsam IP
Requested documents for Software Copyright registration
1. Request form of software copyright registration
2. Copy of identification card with official seal
3. Original Program
4. File (User Manual, or Design instruction, or Operating manual etc.)
5. A power of attorney
6. A copy of GPL Statement if the software was developed by GCC on the platform of linux.
7. A copy of Guarantee of Non-business Software Development for individual
8. Exception for development on a commission basis or for other special use (certificate of ownership of software)
Requested documents for Software Copyright Assignment
1. Request form of software copyright registration
2. Software Copyright Transferring Agreement
3. Copy of duplicates of business license with official seals for both sides
4. An original and a carbon with official seals of Software Copyright Certificate
5. Power of attorney
Requested documents for software copyright changing
1. Request form of software copyright change
2. Copy of complete notification of trade and industry bureau with official seal
3. Copy of original copyright certificate with official seal
4. Copy of duplicates of new corporation certificate with official seal
5. A copy of changing reason with official seal
6. Power of attorney