Mahtta & Co. Firm from India Visits Borsam Intellectual Property Firm to Explore Collaboration Opportunities


Borsam IP was delighted to host a visit from Mr. Dhruv Mahtta of Mahtta & Co., a distinguished Indian law firm specializing in intellectual property. During the meeting, Mr. Mahtta shared information of the firm's establishment and growth over its 40-year history, spanning three generations. Mahtta & Co. has established itself as a trusted advisor to global and local businesses, offering extensive experience in intellectual property strategy and protection.


The discussion between representatives from Mahtta & Co. and Borsam IP centered on the differences and similarities between intellectual property applications in China and India. Both parties expressed eagerness for future collaboration in intellectual property matters, aiming to provide valuable support to businesses operating across borders.


Borsam IP extends a warm welcome and gratitude to Mahtta & Co. for their visit and looks forward to further opportunities to facilitate Indian trademark and patent applications for Chinese enterprises, offering insights into favorable policies and application techniques. Together, they aim to assist more Chinese enterprises in navigating international markets smoothly and securely.