Xiaoyuan Souti Ruled to Compensate 550,000 yuan for Illegally Provided Textbooks of Beijing Normal University Version

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Since it was not authorized to use Beijing Normal University’s English textbooks, Yuanfudao’s "Xiaoyuan Souti" APP was convicted of infringement, and a total of 550,000 yuan was compensated. The Beijing Internet Court announced the verdict of this series of lawsuits.

The verdict shows that Beijing Normal University Press (Group) Co., Ltd. is the copyright owner of the Beijing Normal University version's English textbooks. In April 2019, Beijing Normal University Press granted all of the textbooks and the right to produce digital resources for audio-visual products and the right of information network dissemination to Jingshi Xunfei Company for exclusive use. It awarded Jingshi Xunfei Company to carry out rights protection work.

Jingshi Xunfei Company sued that Xiaoyuan Souti made the textbooks' text and audio content involved in the case available for users to use. Soon after Jingshi Xunfei sued, Xiaoyuan Souti deleted the content of the Beijing Normal University version English textbook.

According to the judgment, the court held that the defendant had provided playback and download services of supporting audio recordings of the teaching materials involved in the case without permission, and simultaneously played the text content consistent with the content in the teaching materials involved in the audio playback, which infringed on the plaintiffs right of information network dissemination of the teaching materials and sound recordings involved, and should bear civil liabilities such as stopping the infringement and compensating for losses according to law. Therefore, a total of compensation for 550,000 yuan was ruled.

Source: China IP Today