Guangdong Province IP Protection Center established for two years, average pre-examination period of patents shortened to 4.7 days

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On December 18th, the Second Anniversary of the establishment Guangdong Province Intellectual Property Protection Center, it hosted a series of activities and the "Road to Intellectual Property Development with Chinese Characteristics" Seminar in Guangzhou.

Ma Xianmin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Guangdong Intellectual Property Protection Center, introduced that in the past two years, the Protection Center has focused on innovation-driven development and the strategic central task of strengthening IP rights, strengthening IP collaborative protection and public services, fully opening up the entire chain of IP services, and building patent pre-examination fast-track, improve the quality and efficiency of trademark review, promote the approval of the use of special signs for geographical indication products, build a diversified dispute resolution mechanism, and effectively resolve corporate problems; and adhere to the support of business promotion and promote the full coverage of IP service areas and industries.

According to Qian Yongcheng, Deputy Director of the Guangdong Administration for Market Regulation  (Guangdong Intellectual Property Administration), the Protection Center has steadily promoted the rapid pre-examination of patents for two years, and the average pre-examination period of patents has been shortened to 4.7 days. It has promoted the deepening of Guangdong trademark registration facilitation reform, and the average examination period for trademark registration has been reduced to four months. The Protection Center explored the establishment of a diversified settlement mechanism for IP disputes, apply for the establishment of the Guangdong branch of National Overseas Intellectual Property Dispute Response and Guidance Center, initiated the establishment of the Guangdong Overseas IP Protection Promotion Association, and built a global service network for overseas IP protection. The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Intellectual Property Exchange Expo has successfully been hosted, and effectively promoted the operation of IP transactions.

On the day, Guangdong Provincial Key Industry Analysis and Evaluation Center and Guangdong Intellectual Property Protection Center Valuation Center were opened. The establishment of the two Centers aims to promote the efficient connection between the Protection Center and Intellectual Property Service Organizations, activated the resources of all parties inside and outside the system, promoted the improvement of the level of IP analysis and evaluation, and promoted IP through in-depth analysis and evaluation of IP value high-quality conversion application. It is reported that the Protection Center will explore the establishment of a professional IP Valuation Company in the next step, and promote the establishment of the "Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Value Evaluation Promotion Association."

Source: China IP Today