What Do We Celebrate on World Intellectual Property Day?

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In 1999, China came together with Algeria to propose at the World Intellectual Property Organization the establishment of April 26th as World Intellectual Property Day. To broaden people's awareness of intellectual property, then in October 2000, the 35th Session of the World Intellectual Property Organization's General Assembly adopted the proposal and decided to designate April 26th as "World Intellectual Property Day" every year from 2001, since it is the date when Convention Establishing the WIPO entered into force in 1970.
This year's theme of World Intellectual Property Day is "Innovate for a Green Future," which will explore how IP can help us all work together to care for the earth and create a more environmentally-friendly future. Francis Gurry, WIPO Director General also pointed out at the launching of the 2020 China National Intellectual Property Publicity Week that science and technology, and in particular innovation have a vital role to play in the encouragement of green innovation and intellectual property has also a vital role to play in encouraging innovation and the investment in innovation in green technology.
China puts forward the theme of “Intellectual Property Rights and Healthy China” in the national IP Publicity week 2020. The key points for the future intellectual property work are to promote the innovative development of the medical industry, research and develop more innovative medicines and precision medical devices by strengthening intellectual property rights. To protect traditional Chinese medicine, and keep its unique role in medical treatment and disease prevention. Moreover, to vigorously develop the geographical indication industry, cultivate more plant varieties and create more well-known brands.
China attaches importance to intellectual property rights, and encourages individuals and businesses to value the rights. In 2019, China became the top source of international patent applications filed with WIPO, and it is a record year for international patent, trademark and industrial design filings.
Borsam Intellectual Property has been celebrating the national IP Publicity week 2020 as well and we wish we could make a contribution to the understanding of the role and value that IP brings to China and the World.
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On April 26, the World Intellectual Property Day will be celebrated. Let's put IP rights at the heart of efforts to create a healthy world of a green future.