Guuidance of Filing Invention Patent Application in Macau

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As a special administrative region of China, Macau has its own intellectual property system, with the Intellectual Property Department of the Macao Economic Services handling the issues relating to patents, industrial designs, trademarks and copyrights in Macau. This article is focusing on the patent application in Macau.
The patent application in Macau can be divided into invention, utility model and design patent application.
1.    How can I file an invention patent application in Macau?
Applicant can directly file invention patent applications in Macau or extend the CN invention patent application to Macau.
2.    What kind of information/documents is needed to file an invention application in Macau?
2.1  Required Information/ Documents By Directly Filing
a. Specification including description, claims and drawings;
b. Abstract within 150 words;
c. Applicant and inventor’s information including name, address and nationality;
d. Notarized power of attorney and the translation therefore;
e. Certified priority documents;
2.2  Required Information/ Documents By Extending The Pending CN Patent

There are two stages for extending the CN pending application to Macau

a. Description, claims and drawings;
b. Patent filing receipt notice;
c. Copy of the publication documents of designated CN application;
d. Notarized power of attorney.
a. Certified copy of Extracts from SIPO;
b. Certified copy of the Chinese patent issued by SIPO.
2.3  Required Information/ Documents By Extending The Granted CN Patent
a. Certified copy of extracts from SIPO;
b. Certified copy of the Chinese patent issued by SIPO;
c. Notarized power of attorney.