Exclusive Right to Use a Registered trademark

Borsam IP
Borsam IP

1. Use of the environment should be kept dry, the motor surface should be kept clean, the air inlet should not be dust, fiber and other obstacles.

2. When the continuous operation of the motor thermal protection, should identify the fault from the motor or overload protection devices or setting value is too low, after elimination of the fault can be put into operation.

3. It should ensure that the motor well lubricated during operation. General motors run about 5000 hours, which should supplement or replace the grease, running or overheating bearings lubricated found deterioration in time for hydraulic grease. When replacing the grease, you should remove the old oil, gasoline and cleaning bearings and bearing cap fuel tank, and then the cavity ZL-3 lithium grease filling between the bearing inner ring 1/2 (2-pole) and 2/3 (for 4,6,8 pole)

4. When the end of life of the bearing, vibration and noise will significantly increase the motor running, check the bearing radial clearance reaches the following values, which should replace the bearings.

5. When removing the motor from the shaft extension or extended end of the rotor can be removed. If there is no need to remove the fan, or remove the rotor from non-drive end is more convenient, when removal of the rotor from the stator, should prevent damage to the stator windings or insulation.

6. Must note when replacing the primary winding of the winding form, size and number of turns, wire gauge, etc., when the loss of these data, the manufacturer should be obtained, free to change the original design of the winding, often an electric motor or several performance deterioration, even unusable.

7. Right of assignment: the trademark registrant is entitled to assign the registered trademark to any one else in accordance with law, either paid or unpaid.

8. Heirdom: The registered trademark can be inherited by its rightful heir according to the order of inheritance as the incorporeal property