Guide to Apply for Trademark Registering in China

Borsam IP
Borsam IP

1. General Information
The Chinese Trademark Office accepts trademark applications for registration of trademarks for goods, service trademarks, certification trademarks and collective trademarks. Any visual sign including words, devices, letters, numerals, three-dimensional symbols, combinations of colors or any combination of the above elements may be applied for the registration of a trademark.
2. Duration of registered trademark
The duration of validity of a registered trademark is 10 years, counted from the date of approval of the registration.
3. Classification
The Chinese Trademark Office adopts the International Classification of Goods & Services, and one mark in one class applies to one application.
4. Information required in the instruction letter
When an applicant entrusts us to file a trademark applications for registration of trademark, an instruction letter indicating the following items is required:
(1) the trademark
15 trademark reproductions in black and white for one trademark in one class shall be provided.
If color is to be protected, 15 colored and 2 in black and white trademark reproductions.
The reproductions shall be clear, and sized between 5 cm x 5 cm and 10 cm x 10 cm.
(2) the international class(es), and the concrete goods/services corresponding to each class
(3) the name and the address of the applicant, and same in Chinese if there are
(4) Priority Document