Borsam IP
Borsam IP

CNIPA provides kinds of free patent search services for public to retrieve the published patent information but most of them are Chinese, so we hereby list the available search links with English service and the simple guidance of how to search online for a Chinese patent.
1. Basic search
You can visit the English website of CNIPA by this link and see the following front page. Looking at the right middle search engineer, input the application number and use the drop-down arrow to change the item into “Application Number”. The knack for use the search is just use the number before the symbol “.”, for example, the application number 201380049078.6, you can just us “201380049078” to retrieve.

The basic search can only provide you the basic information of the patent, for example, the application/publication number and date, the inventor, the applicant, title and abstract of the patent/application.
2. China and Global Patent Examination information Inquiry system
You can reach this patent database via and choose the language to show the result on the top of this page.
When you reach the search page of the examination information inquiry system, you may use any of the following search item to get the result, for example, we hereby search the patent with application number “201380049078.6”, the knack is to omit the symbol “.” of the application number.
From this patent search database, you may get the whole information about the patent application, exami