Zhang Ming:Patent/TM Attorney,Founding Partner

Ms. Zhang practices a broad range of Intellectual Property and related lawsuit both at home and abroad, focusing on the procedure of patent and trademark application of Taiwan, U.S., Japan, EPO and other areas, primarily in mechanical and electric patent application. Her engagement in patent application and trademark registration has been for more than 10 years, and has successfully dealt with responses of patent reexamination and invalidation. She has also advised clients in advance of the security of IP matters from assignment, business secret to complex contract manufacturing relationships.

Lin Zhizheng:Lawyer,Patent/TM Attorney,Founding Partner

Mr. Lin, one of the founder of Borsam IP, he is experienced in general commercial litigation, especially in IP infringement between contract parties. He established a comprehensive IP protection system for more than fifty enterprises, and is accomplished in establishing comprehensive IP system for enterprises, analyzing and disposing tough matters, analyzing, programming and drafting Intellectual Property option before patent application.

Bu Kewu:Customer Service Manager

Enterprises that Mr. Bu has served include: Shenzhen Comix Co.,LTD., Shenzhen Creastar Automatization Equipment CO.,LTD., Suneast, Rapoo Sun East Group, Launch Co.,LTD., Shenzhen Jegaxunlian Communication Co.,LTD., Shengwuqiao technology Company, Best Cheer Stone Group, Yingji Industrial Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Star Instrument Co., Ltd and other enterprises. Mr. Bu's areas of special interests and experiences are patent and trademark applications and he provide high quality service for the enterprises with professional knowledge and rich experience. He also specializes in providing protection strategies and comprehensive protection suggestions for enterprises' brand development and corporate trademarks, patents, copyrights and other IP rights.

Liao Hongling:TM Attorney,Customer Service Manager

Mr. Liao has aboout ten years experience in IP fields and keep on providing protection strategy for the clients. She is familiar with trademark laws, copyright laws and patent laws, and also takes part in many trademark disputes cases to help our client fighting for their rights. She works in the Fuzhou Office of Borsam and mainly service the clients from Fujian provinces. And also, she is a guider for the fresh in Borsam IP, to help them growing as a real counselor.

Lin Dong: Patent/TM Attorney,Founding Partner

Mr. Lin is an associate in R&D Group, he is familiar with trademark registration, opposition, review, cancellation, response to trademark refusal,patent filing, including PCT entering national phase in China, and response to Office Actionother IP procedures. He is long experienced or practiced in foreign IP search, analysis and application. Mr. Lin has substantial experience providing specialist intellectual property and IP law support and due diligence for private equity transactions in China, and abroad.